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Can Kettlebells Exercise Improve Your Workout Results?

The kettlebells (Girya in Russian language) isn’t actually a bell. It looks like a cannonball with a handle, Kettlebells come in various weights, both metric and SAE, from roughly 4 pounds to roughly 175 pounds, so you can choose the correct one according to your fitness level.

KettlebellsAs you progress through the exercises, you will be using different weight levels. The kettlebell works by adding a weight load to your existing training routines to build strength in the lower back, shoulders, legs and grip.

The kettlebell emulates digging or farming duties, all physical work, which many people don't have to experience with, unless they perform some type of manual labor job?  That’s because we mainly have sedentary jobs that involve very little exercise and much weight gain. We sit in our offices or home offices; rarely getting out exercising our muscles and gaining fat instead.

Many use their kettlebell fat loss programs as a way to accelerate their weight loss programs and burn extra calories; nearly every sports or training pro strongly advises that kettlebell fat loss workouts can be dangerous to those with shoulder problems or weak abs.

While using the kettlebell fat loss program, you will be able to learn many different kettlebell exercises. Here are a few ballistic kettlebell exercises you can train with to help you lose weight. No matter which workout program you use, though, remember to rest for a few minutes, while remaining hydrated.

Ten Kettlebells Exercise for Your Workouts

When you are ready to advance your kettlebell workout, check-out our articles on our site concerning kettlebell exercises.  The following list will show the names of the exercises and the body parts that are affected during your workouts.

1) One-arm press with a kettlebell: shoulders, core and legs

2) Power Plank Row: abs, lower back, arms, lats

3) Kettlebell Low Windmill: back, obliques, arms, shoulders, balance, stability

4) Kettlebell Deadlift: lower back, glutes, hamstrings

5) Stiff-legged Kettlebell Deadlift: lower back, glutes, hamstrings


6) Kettlebell Squat: quads, glutes, hamstrings

7) Kettlebell Front Squat: core, quads, glutes, hamstrings

8) Kettlebell Push-ups: arms, shoulders

9) Kettlebell Burpees: body, heart rate

10) Kettlebell Rows: lats, core

Kettlebells History

A kettlebell first appeared in a Russian dictionary in 1704, a tool that merchants would hang as a counterweight to sell their products.  Kettlebell work progressed throughout Russia when people began tossing it around and begin noticing the full body fitness that it provided.  In fact, many of the hard kettlebell workouts that people do today actually come from Russian kettlebell gym exercises.

As the ballistic kettlebell began to rise in popularity in Russia, during the times of the Tsars, it became the country’s official physical training tool.  Then, a Hercules magazine article in 1913 helped to give the training kettlebell and kettlebell exercise a big boost in popularity.

Naturally, the kettlebell workout found its way into fitness tests for the Russian army, where kettlebell snatches – picking up the kettlebell, redirecting the bell in midair and flipping it over while maintaining a strong shoulder position – outweighed the American army’s push-ups as the ultimate fitness test.

Therefore, because many Russian military service members took part in Olympic Games of the Soviet era, the Russians used the kettlebell as their primary training tool to dominate the throwing events.  Now, the US Secret Service has instituted a similar test using the kettlebell to determine the physical fitness of its applicants.

The Celebrities and Kettlebells Training

As with most of the fitness regimens that became successful, celebrities found the kettlebell and adopted it for their own workouts.  According to the London Sun newspaper, notable celebrities, such as former Spice Girls singer Jeri Hallowell, TV and movie actress Jennifer Aniston and others, have made the kettlebell workouts part of their exercise routines.

Others who have made the kettlebell switch include Mathew McConaughey, Katherine Heigl, J lo, Penelope Cruz, Kim Basinger and Kim Cattrall, and they have the ripped bodies to show for it.  Yes, celebrities have taken the kettlebells from the Russian Special Forces, and now they are looking hotter than ever.

Kettlebells have grown so much in popularity because they work.  They promote full-body fitness by adding the kettlebell mass to exercises that are already powerful.  They don’t work on just one part of the body, but they integrate well with many muscles of the body. For proper all-over weight loss and fitness implement kettlebells exercise in your workout routine.