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Can Stability Ball Exercises Be Used For Core Training?

By now, everyone and their dog understands the balance of core training for the abs like Stability ball. Core workouts trains the abs muscle and part of the lower back primarily, but also the hips and the entire lower body. As the muscles are forced to contract under pressure, they must dynamically adjust the strength of their contractions to maintain balance and keep you from falling off. But despite all the information out there, a lot of people still aren’t using a ball for their workouts.

Stability ballStability ball exercises make an excellent addition to any workout program.

A fitness ball or a Swiss ball, though slightly different, provides many benefits. You don’t need 40 ball exercises, just ten stability ball exercises or so a week is enough. A stability ball is one of the greatest tools in your chest of exercises; this will be a guide on how to use it. Both men and women will benefit from using stability ball exercises, they aren’t used just to sit on and watch TV.

Stability ball exercises work the core differently than free weights.

The advantage of different balls is the unstable surface they provide. Free weights provide a clear center of gravity that requires no adjustment from your nervous system and muscles. An unstable surface causes your center of gravity to constantly shift, and your muscles must be able to react quickly. Balance is hard to build up, but it can become very intuitive after a while.

The extra stability and core work gained from the ball exercises carries over to virtually any sport, lift, or physical activity. The benefits of ball training apply not only to athletes, but anyone wishing to supercharge their performance. The equipment is reasonable inexpensive and very effective, and can even be performed at home during commercial breaks. There’s really no need for fancy ab machines or heavy lifting.

A regular round ball’s workout will be different from Swiss ball exercises. A round ball is great to roll around on and stretch or do crunches on. It is also excellent for bench pressing low to moderate weight (heavy weights on an unstable surface are very dangerous). A round ball will help train the body to be able to support the primary muscles effectively.


On a flat bench, it’s easy to forget the benefit of a strong core with the bench behind your back. On a round ball, if you can’t balance yourself properly, the weight will drop down and pin you. A Swiss ball is more versatile and easier to do regular exercises on. The best exercise on the Swiss ball is a squat, un-weighted at first. This is because the squat relies upon so many muscles and is hard enough to balance without a Swiss ball.

In a squat, your center of gravity is changing even more than usual on an unstable surface. The squat calls the hips, legs, back, and core into play to fire just the right away to keep you from falling off. These are the biggest muscles in your body and training them efficiently and intelligently will produce incredible results that roll over to any exercise, not just to perform ball exercises.

There are, of course, other exercises to do on a Swiss ball. A classic is the ball throw with two people. One person throws a ball to the other, who must catch it with their hands, hold it, and throw it back. This sounds a lot easier than it really is.The nature of the surface and the force of the ball mean your muscles must be able to contract very fast and very precisely to keep you from falling off the ball.

Simply put, no other exercise will train your core to be as fast as a game of catch on a Swiss ball. Another great exercise is the push-up. Many people have imbalances between the two sides of their ability and when they do regular push-ups, one side of the body will take up the brunt of the effort while the other slacks off. This is impossible on an unstable surface without falling off. The exercise will train the body to fire as one and equally on both sides.

Make up your own routine using these few exercises and your own. Experiment and see which exercises you like and which ones give you the most benefit. Everyone’s training is slightly different and should be catered to the needs of the individual. Stability ball exercises are very useful for building up lagging areas of the body, while training the muscles in the human body to become one.