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Choosing The Correct Fitness Training Program

Exercise and fitness training have come to be regarded as absolutely necessary in our society, and for good reason.Well-planned workouts have numerous benefits, including fat-burning and muscle-building. A physical fitness test is mandatory for many professions, not just trainers.

Just a few tips on fitness basics can guide you on your way to good health and strength.

fitness trainingStarting a fitness training program can be a difficult task,and many gyms or companies in the industry would have you believe it’s impossible without their fitness trainer or fitness equipment. But good training programs are easy and effective. There are different ways to train the body through specialized fitness.

Aerobic fitness and anaerobic fitness require different training stimuli and strength training is a different beast altogether and can fall into either category. Though it is easier for men to get fit because of higher testosterone levels (women are genetically programmed to store more fat, unfortunately), you don’t have to be a pro to have the ability to improve your health and make excellent strides in your health.

Most scientific studies focus on cardiovascular fitness, mostly aerobic training. This includes exercises like running, swimming, or biking. These are high-calorie burn exercises that are inherently catabolic. You won’t be building muscle or getting big arms, but your body will be getting much more efficient at delivering oxygen to cells that need it.

Exercises like this promote blood flow throughout the body and promote cholesterol reduction. There are generally two types of training for the cardiovascular system: Low-Intensity Steady State (aerobic) and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

The majority of people stick to aerobic and LISS training because it’s much easier. But unless you have a serious heart condition, the benefits of HIIT are far greater than LISS. HIIT has been shown to accelerate your metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout. HIIT forces a higher training adaptation. HIIT is all about giving it your all.

You set an interval, a good one for starters is 3/6; bike, run, swim, etc. as hard as you can for three seconds and then at a medium intensity for six seconds. The focus of the exercise is that three-second interval where you are giving it your all and forcing the body to get better at utilizing oxygen during exercise and at rest.


Information on strength training and free weights also shows their numerous benefits. Free weights can be utilized aerobically, but they shine most when used to gain muscle mass. Working out the muscles at the gym forces the body to divert calories to repairing them, and that means less calories going to the waistline.

Each pound of muscle, sometimes hard to gain, increases daily energy expenditure by an estimated 45 calories. A great training program can add 20-25 pounds of muscle in the first year. That means after one year of heavy training, you’ll be burning an additional 1000 calories every single day! That’s the equivalent of two hours of intense running and you don’t even have to stand up. This is why muscular fitness is so popular among many exercisers today.

The best free weight exercises are those that utilize the most and the biggest muscle groups. The squat and deadlift are universally recognized as the two best exercises, whether for strength gain or fat loss. They are however dangerous when done improperly, such as with what’s known as a rounded back, and good form must be learned and practiced vigilantly. The bench press is the king of upper-body exercises. The barbell row is another great addition to any exercise program.

The best way to lose weight and work your body is with a combination of HIIT and heavy (whatever heavy means to you) free weight training. The cardio will keep your metabolic rate high and the free weights will add to that effect when your muscles absorb calories that would otherwise be stored in adipose (fat) tissue.

Bodyweight exercises at home can make an excellent supplement to any training regimen. Parallel bar dips, push-ups, and pull-ups are the 3 most effective ones. Bodyweight exercises are easy to outgrow, however. Doing 40 push-ups provides a completely different stimulus than doing 15, and that’s why free weights become necessary very quickly.

Pull-ups and dips, however, are hard to add reps and will continue to serve their purpose for a long time. With so many fitness programs available, the tools necessary to get in shape, and motivation in your spirit, there's no reason not to start your fitness training today.