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Cross Trainers: More Value for Your Dollar

What are Cross Trainers?

Cross trainerCross trainer, such as the Proform 755 Crosstrainer Treadmill, also called elliptical trainers or elliptical exercise machines, are stationary machines, which help to get you fit by simulating the motions of climbing stairs, walking and running.  They work manually with the exerciser providing the energy to power them, or you can plug them in to lower the effort of the exerciser.  Resistance can adjust to provide more or less intense workouts.

Why Use a Cross Trainer Elliptical Machine?

There are several reasons to use a 755 Crosstrainer treadmill over other exercise equipment:

  • Cross trainers do not place strain on knees and hips that impact activities like jogging and running do.
  • Cross trainers provide cardio exercise.
  • The machines and exerciser’s speed can adjust to make the workout routine as intense or as light as the exerciser wishes or can handle.
  • In addition, cross trainer elliptical activities are low-impact so the joints do not feel the strain the way they would be jogging or running.
  • Cross trainers with pedals and hand levers will exercise upper and lower body where crosstrainer treadmills and stationary bikes work mostly lower body muscles.  You can control the turning handle movement of the elliptical trainer independently; separate from the foot movement on the pedals.
  • Cross trainers are weight-bearing exercisers.  Thus, they build and tone muscles using the body weight as a resistance.
  • Trainer elliptical machine perfect is a great addition to you home gym.

Why Purchase a Cross Trainer?

The decision to purchase or to use a trainer elliptical machine in a sports facility is a personal choice.  Before deciding on a home gym elliptical, you might consider these points:

  • If you are going to purchase any type of exercise equipment, cross trainers are the most versatile, multi-purpose and will provide the best all-round exercise without straining joints.  Home-use cross training machines is now as popular as treadmills.  Therefore, if you are looking to purchase, the fitness crosstrainer elliptical is a good purchase for your exercise dollar.
  • If you do not enjoy the camaraderie of the gym and do not want to waste the time it takes to get to the gym, then purchasing a cross training exercise machine might be a good way to go.  Some people need the collegiality of working in a group, however.
  • Having the exercise set at home means that you can exercise with the exercise program you designed for yourself or one designed by a pro any time you wish, and you can have quiet time as you do so on your own elliptical machine.  Your exercise and sport routine will be non-competitive and individualized.  Some people do better in solitary.  They enjoy the alone time.
  • If you are juggling a work schedule, keeping a home and keeping pace with kids, being able to slip off to your exercise room to use your magnetic elliptical trainer to burn off a few calories when the kids are playing or sleeping makes sense.  If you had to build in time to get to and from a gym, exercise time might never occur.

Which Crosstrainer Fitness Machine Shall I Buy?

Every manufacturer of fitness crosstrainers contends that theirs is the best.  While almost all do the same things, there is a difference in step form and tools between high and low end machines.  You have to decide what you want your crosstrainer elliptical to do and then decide if you will use the extra dials, settings and features.Researchers looked at several machines and rated them.  They recommend the following cross trainers as good value in their price range:

·         Cross trainers like The LSI 13.0, the Proform 755 crosstrainer treadmill and the Precor EFX, and the Smooth CE 3.6

Each features between twelve and twenty levels of resistance.  This means that they have sufficient expansion room to increase your workout intensity.

  • These machines are compact and do not take up a lot of home exercise room space.
  • They all need virtually no maintenance.
  • Cross trainers recommended are all sturdy enough for frequent home use.
  • They have ramps, which can adjust from flat to thirty degrees to increase exercise intensity.
  • The pedals on all cross trainers presented here can adjust to increase leg muscle exercise.
  • All three cross trainers have high-tech LED readouts and graphics so the exerciser can track workout results.

How to Decide?

While no perfect exercise equipment exists, there are literally scores of cross trainers available online and at retail exercise equipment stores.  Your best advice is to try out cross trainers.  Read the research.  Look at the reviews.  Talk to cross trainer fitness owners and exercise pros.  It is important to choose the right cross trainer for you!