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Rebuild The Body’s Strength With Pilates Exercises

One of the most thoroughly beneficial programs of fitness is the Pilates exercises, the benefits of which can be enjoyed either in classes at your local fitness center, or from the convenience of your own home studio.

Originally created as a form of exercise designed to overcome and improve on existing conditions in patients suffering from physical challenges, Pilates exercises employ gentle movement and strength-building exercises to enhance a body’s total well-being and fitness.

The inventor, himself a sufferer of polio and other debilitating illnesses, drew on the knowledge from his gymnast parent’s fitness regime to create this form of exercise which rebuilt the body’s strength, and could be practiced by a person who wasn’t in premium physical shape to begin with.

Pilates ExercisesWhatever your current state of health, you’ll find that with a minimum investment of time and money, you can put Pilates to work for you in a workout that will improve your physical health and overall fitness.

Pilates mat exercises require no more complicated equipment than a yoga mat to begin your training in a healthful course of Pilates workouts. With the guidance of an instructor, or video instruction with the widely-available DVDs, you can embark on the basic routine of flexibility, stretch exercises, and building strength in the core muscles of the torso.

Pilates mat exercise addresses each part of the body individually, allowing you to stretch and strengthen your back, abs, hips, shoulder, legs, and arms designed to target each area. Take care to perform each exercise precisely as instructed, because the positioning and form are important in minimizing risk of injury, and in maximizing the benefit you realize from the exercises themselves.


One of the benefits of Pilates exercises is the gentleness of its approach.It demonstrably improves strength and flexibility, but without resorting to the heavy weight-bearing workouts or strenuous sustained cardio exercise necessitated by the terms of some other exercise regimes.

In contrast, Pilates work is calculated to support and improve upon any existing physical weaknesses, allowing a person who is in less-than-perfect health to enjoy a full Pilates workout and begin to work free of the physical limitations they have previously experienced.  Whether you’re simply “out of shape,” or experience a disability or physical difficulty which you’d like to improve, or whether you’re a fit person simply wishing to improve your health, this form of exercise can meet your needs admirably.

Pilate’s exercises for toning are intended to build physical strength through a gentle process. Improving muscle tone in the torso’s core muscles, the back and abs muscles, allows a body to improve balance posture and breathing.  Although some people focus on the “showy” results of bulging biceps to gauge a fitness program’s efficacy, there is actually a greater health benefit to be derived from a healthy core and toned (not necessarily bulging) muscles in the limbs.

Abs workouts, following the tips of your Pilates instruction, can address the issue of core strength and even help you to gradually lose unwanted pounds hanging around your midsection. Your Pilates abs workout will earn you an enviable set of Pilates abs and the balanced strength of corresponding muscles as well.

Getting in shape with Pilates is as simple as finding a course of instruction that suits you and setting aside a regular time to practice your favorite Pilates exercises. You’ll find there’s an amazing market of instructional videos available for whatever fitness focus you wish to pursue with your Pilates exercises.

Whether you wish to improve your overall muscle tone, endurance, and physical fitness, or whether you would like to use the course of exercise to overcome an existing health challenge, there is a program out there to suit your needs. You have a plethora of options, and can make do with a simple mat and video, or make the worthwhile investment in Pilate’s equipment to enhance your workout.

A Pilates chair or machine increases the range of poses and exercises you can perform, and at a lower cost than enrolling with a gym membership. You may also find that you’re more likely to continue a regular practice of exercise if you don’t need to take the time to drive to another location or schedule classes.  Create your own home studio and start performing your Pilates exercises today.