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The Best Abdominal Exercise Equipments to Buy

exercise equipmentAb training, or Ab workouts in general, have always been at the forefront of the exercise industry and an exercise equipment are some of the common resistance exercises performed in gyms by both men and women. Most people still do sit-ups, which have been proven scientifically to be inferior to modern and more effective pro exercises. Ab workouts can be done on expensive equipment, or they can be done on a mat at home.

Every exercise has its specific fitness benefits, and some are better for sports. Core training can be a part of a cardio program, along with the elliptical, bike, or treadmill. Athletes love core training because it improves their ability on the field tremendously.

In this article you will read about the best and worst ab exercises as well as abdominal exercises and core training in general. Information to the best abdominal exercise machine, and abdominal exercise equipment is also included.

The best abdominal exercise equipment is definitely the ab roller.

Most ab machines hit only a small section of the core, or neglect the lower back. The lower back is the opposite muscle of the abs, and their strength must be similar to each other or else muscular imbalances can occur. Not maintaining a proper balance lead to a slew of problems, such as a hunchback and possibly hernias. The roller does not ignore the lower back. It hits the entire core effectively.

In addition to the ab roller, several cheaper abdominal machines can turn a small spot in the corner of a room into a high quality abdominal exercise circuit. The abdominal equipment for the leg raise is a way to effectively target the entire core. Swinging must be avoided to maintain the use of good form. Bad form recruits the muscles of the hips and quadriceps, which are far stronger than the core, and defeats the purpose of the exercise. This can be a great piece of abdominal exercises when performed correctly.


Pull-up bars are a very versatile piece of abs equipment perfect for this role. Pull-ups and chin-ups recruit the core very strongly. Isolation exercises done on a bar can really hammer the muscles involved. Window wipers or washers (depending on who you ask) are a common gym favorite. The exercise involves extending the legs while hanging from a pull-up bar and moving them in a 360-degree motion in a controlled motion with no swinging.

The knee joint should not be allowed to bend. Window wipers involve the use of not only the core. The forearm and upper back must support the body on the bar. The hips are also involved in the movement of the legs. Pull-ups and window wipers make excellent additions to an athlete’s regimen, but will truly help anyone who uses them effectively.

An abdominal exercise ball is another great selection that can provide tremendous benefit to the user. A stability ball forces the core to work harder to effectively transmit force. Balls often are used for the worst abs exercises, like sit-ups or crunches because the additional need for stabilization often makes them a viable option. Sit-ups on a Pilates or Swiss ball can provide a sizable benefit.

Athletes have different needs in mind than other people. Athletes need to train their body to be strong, durable, and as fast as possible while minimizing fat loss. However, muscle mass is usually not as desirable as increased strength or power. This puts less focus on machine isolation exercises and ab exercise equipment. Though at the same time, treadmills are used by many athletes.

These are more useful for bodybuilding than any kind of sport that requires a large exertion of force in a small space of time. Athletes need to train their abs, and their whole core, with free-weight exercise that use the core as a transmission for the human body. Bodybuilding or sculpting exercises for the abs usually involve concentric contractions to build the power of the core to exert force.

When you are ready to train your ab workouts,keep in mind the different abdominal exercise equipment at either your local gym,or when you are planning to buy it for your home.