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The Best Weight Training Exercises to Perform in Your Home

Because of our sedentary lifestyles, both men and women need to weight training exercises.  Some of the most effective exercise plans are weight training programs.  These weight lifting exercises can tone up your ab muscles, your arm muscles, your low back muscles, and your leg muscles. Afterwards, your entire body will feel better and be healthier.


weight training exercisesA muscle building workout system can also help you to lose the fat that seems to plague almost everyone.  In addition, specialized cardio workouts can strengthen your heart, because, after all, it is a muscle, too.

However, should you do this without a fitness trainer?

You do not want to enter a serious program of weight training exercises without the help of a fitness trainer or a check-up from your doctor.

Without a fitness trainer, you can seriously injure yourself or fall short of your training goals.  The trainer at a gym can help you by showing you the correct way to do the exercises, what exercises you should be doing and when you should do them.

He or she can also help you stay safe by spotting you when you're trying to do weight training exercises like trying to bench press heavy weights.  One of the ways that the fitness trainer can help you is by developing a weight training program that is uniquely yours.  You will be able to work with it steadily, and it will produce the results you're looking for.


One of the first things that a person thinks of when they hear about weight training is free-weight lifting exercises.  However, in order to do these free-weight lifting exercise sets, you have to prepare yourself. Very few people can go from doing no exercise to dead-lifting enormous weights over their heads without risk of injury or death.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they're starting a weight training routine is to concentrate only on one part of the body.  By doing so, you are only building one muscle, instead of building multi-muscle groups. You will not lose weight or tone up your body in the way you desire.  That means that you have wasted the time and energy it takes to do these exercises and gained very little from them.

Can You Reach Your Goals on Your Own?

What do you do if you can’t afford exercises with a fitness trainer?  Will you be able to get that big chest, the hard lean body, the washboard abs that you want? Of course, you can.  It will just be a little bit harder, because you will have to learn how to avoid injuring yourself when performing your lifts. You will have to think in terms of working smarter, not harder, to achieve your goals.  You will also have to research your plans thoroughly.

Fortunately, when you plan your training exercise system, your training exercises will have to include many different types.  You can find thorough instructions, and in some cases, videos within this site.  You'll have to include weight training, resistance training, cardio training and others to round out your sessions.  You also should vary your exercises; say, after your warm-ups, begin your session with resistance exercise in one session, cardio training in your next session, and for your third session, do weight training.

Exercises with a fitness workout plan will help you reach your goals. Be sure with each of your exercises to push to your tolerance limit and just a little beyond.  In that way, you will be sure to lose weight and get that fit, heart-healthy body you've been wanting without injuring yourself.  Be sure also to plan regular rest periods and rest days.  This will also help to keep you from becoming injured and overworked.

Keep in mind to vary your exercise sets when performing weight training exercises, take a break in-between sets and you'll do just fine.