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The Many Different Types of Pilates Equipment

One of the perks of Pilates equipment practice is the fact that it can be so easily and inexpensively accomplished at home. Although a Pilates class at a gym or pro club can certainly be an enjoyable and beneficial social experience, the workout itself can be just as easily and beneficially practiced with equipment you can afford, and which can easily fit in a smaller living space.

Pilates EquipmentSpend some time in reviewing your options and gather information about Pilate’s studios home equipment and accessories; you’ll discover that you can set up your own home studio at a very low cost.  Gain all the benefits of Pilates, while you practice from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Begin by asking acquaintances in your Pilates fitness circle for a recommendation about seller's who can provide some good support and a service when purchasing your Pilates equipment. A knowledgeable sales person can show you the full functionality of the equipment you’re considering.  If you aren’t yet acquainted with Pilates circles, you can inquire at a local fitness center or check online. Some Pilates equipment can be bought second-hand, which is another resource you may wish to investigate if your budget is tight.

As you consider Pilates equipment, Pilates instruction, and your Pilates program, think about what benefits you hope to achieve as a performer of Pilates.  Focusing on your goals will help you to determine which Pilate’s accessories or Pilates machines would best benefit your needs.

Beginning with the basics, you will need a padded floor surface, most easily provided in the form of yoga mats.  Many of the most essential Pilates spine stretches and basic poses need nothing more than the mat itself and the knowledge of how to perform the exercises correctly.  Add professional guidance in the form of an instructional DVD, and you already have a start on the construction of your Pilates workout zone.

Another fairly simple piece of equipment is the Pilates chair, which can be purchased relatively inexpensively, and doesn’t take up any more space than a standard chair in your home.  With specialized handles and configuration, Pilate’s chairs enable Pilate’s performers to sit while performing part of the Pilates exercise routine.


The chair provides handles and positioning options to facilitate the work of seated poses and exercise routines. With a variety of options available on the fitness market, you’ll be able to find a version that fits both your living space and your budget, expanding the number of Pilates exercises you can perform within your home Pilates studio.

A training stability ball or barrel allows a practitioner to press against gravity to improve the muscular fine-tuning required in maintaining balance.  A variety of poses--on the back, on the front, standing—make an art of balancing on balls as part of a Pilates fitness workout.The small muscle-movements required to adjust your balance while using a stability ball actually work wonders in strengthening your core muscles in the torso, improving your balance, posture, and muscle tone.  Additional small accessories include weighted balls, resistance bands, hand-held weights, and instructional videos.

Larger-scale equipment for your practice could include Stott Pilate’s fitness machines like the Reformer, which forms the base for over 250 Pilate’s exercises with the single piece of equipment.  This and other exercise machines can provide you with the full range of exercise options you would enjoy in a full-membership gym.

If you intend to continue the practice of Pilates for any length of time, your investment in this type of Pilate’s equipment will pay dividends many times over, in comparison to the ongoing fees of maintaining membership at a health club.  Weighing the cost of your Pilates equipment against the benefits of a home Pilates practice, you’ll find it’s a cost-effective investment.

An important piece of Pilates equipment to maximize your workout experience in your home studio is the inclusion of professional instruction, whether it be a DVD provided with your equipment, instructions found on the internet, or a visiting private instructor to get you started.You’ll want to maximize the benefits of your workout, minimize the chance of causing any injury due to misunderstanding about poses or movements, and obtain the most from your investment in your Pilate’s equipment for your home studio.

A knowledgeable practitioner can be a valuable resource to your training.  Creating your own workout zone for the practice of Pilates makes it even easier to maintain your practice.  Once you’ve eliminated the travel-time and inconvenience of traveling to a gym or health club, you’ll have no impediments to the practice of Pilates in the privacy of your own home, while using your Pilates equipment.