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Training With Bosu Balls

Bosu BallsThe bosu balls (pronounced Bo-sue with a “long” o), standing for “Both Sides Up,”

is the strangest looking piece of low-tech exercise equipment that I have ever seen. It seems that someone must have cut apart an exercise ball, sealed a round Rubbermaid or Tupperware lid to the open side and re-inflated it.

However, this strange-looking contraption is the newest thing going in the world of fitness exercises, and for good reason. Actually, it has several good reasons, including its low price (MSRP $200.00, with new ones selling on Amazon for $99.00) and the fact that it works.

BoSU training, using its flat-sided Bosu Balls,has an advantage over other balance trainers and exercise balls. Being that the ball is smaller, which makes it easier to handle for smaller persons. In addition, its flat side gives it greater stability, because it won’t roll away from underneath you, while you are using it for balance training.  Yet, BoSU training is every bit as challenging as balance ball itself.

Why Both Sides Up?

The name comes from the fact that, unlike a completely round ball, the BoSU tool has both a round and a flat side to work with.  Many of the exercises shown on TV shows, show it resting on its flat side, with the exerciser on the round side and a trainer at his side to spot.  However, a few shows the exerciser trying to balance on it with its flat side up and its round side on the floor, using it as kind of a step climber.

There are many comprehensive exercises you can perform with the bosu ball and videos to show how they’re done. You can use it alone or combine it with other training or sport equipment.

The exercises that use the bosu balls alone include some work in the following groups:

Core:  BoSU Ball Supine Bridge, BoSU Ball Plank and Side Plank


Abs:  BoSU Ball Crunches, BoSU Ball Multi-Crunches, BoSU Ball Leg Scissors, BoSU Ball V-ups

Chest:  BoSU Ball push-ups, BoSU Ball Dynamic Hands Plank, 1 Hand on BoSU Ball Push-ups, Dual BoSU Ball Push-ups, BoSU Ball Clapping Push-ups

Legs:  BoSU Ball Squats, BoSU Ball Squats (ball-side down), BoSU Ball Hip Extensions, BoSU Ball Twisting Lunges, BoSU Ball Side Squats and Hops

Lower Back:  BoSU Ball Back Crunch, Bosu Ball Cobra

The best way to improve your cardio health, strength, and your balance and coordination using only the BoSU Ball, is to perform workouts through the above without stopping.

Besides benefitting the specific groups, working non-stop will raise your heart rate, as well.  Another nice thing is you can use the bosu balls in your home