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Using Stomach Exercises to Gain Those Washboard Abs

Stomach ExercisesPeople often search online for the best “flat stomach exercises," "stomach flatting exercises.”

This is a misnomer. Washboard and rock-hard as is the trademark of a good physique. Scientific research confirms that a tight midsection is attracted to both sexes. The stomach is an organ, not a muscle, and can’t be trained through exercise.

But the core, which consists of several muscles, can be trained, which is better known as the abs. Can be trained, exercises for abs are many. The vast majority train incorrectly when trying to lose fat around the mid-section. The best training is simple and highly effective. Losing inches from your waist and burning off that belly fat takes just a few exercises.

Dissecting the exact anatomy of the core isn’t very important, but let’s clear up one thing: there’s no such thing as the best lower abdominal exercises. The muscle is one, not two parts. You can focus on the lower abdominals, though, for more localized hypertrophy, but the best exercises will light up all sections of the core at once and give effectiveness to your  home work out. At the same time, press both the upper and lower parts of the abs.

There are three types of muscular contractions and they should all be used for a complete training program. The first, concentric, is what most people think of when they think of exercise. Concentric contractions involve a shortening of the muscle and are the “standard” contraction (such as crunches).

The second is an isometric contraction. The muscles don’t shorten or elongate, but still do work (such as a plank).

The third is an eccentric contraction, in which muscles elongate to safely lower a weight (like bringing down a heavy box). Eccentric exercises are naturally part of the negative on good concentric exercises.

A good program involves all three. Before planning out your routine, think about what you want other than a six-pack. Are you training for overall fitness, Strength, Hypertrophy?


Best Stomach Exercises are always heavy compounds that hit big muscles and use the abs to transmit force. These should form most of your training.

Don’t listen to the people saying squats or dead lifts are dangerous. Use good form, and not only are you hitting your muscles in the best way possible, you’re doing isometric exercise for your abs. Front squats should be one of the first things you do. They hit your quadriceps very hard, and the exercise is a favorite of Olympic lifters and power lifters for its almost-magical ability to train the core and burn off belly fat.

After front squats, another great pick is decline sit-ups. Do these with a fast concentric to train your muscles for speed, and a slow negative to build eccentric strength. Hold the position at the top for a second or two to hit your abdominal exercises and is metrical, when doing so, those abdominal exercises and effectiveness will become your reality. That’s all three methods of training in one exercise. Be warned, it’s very tough.

Another great pick is leg rises. Make sure your legs are straight when you do it. Bring them up as fast as possible, but without jerking. Hold the contraction at the top, and bring them down slowly. Again you are training your abs all three ways. How’s that for training? Those three abdominal exercise are tough and easy to learn, but will work for a very long time.

However, don’t forget to work your obliques and lower back. The function of the abs and oblique’s is usually to hold the spinal column in place. The abs also functions concentrically often, but it’s hard to design concentric exercises for the obliques. If you’re doing heavy compounds like you should, though, the obliques will be already getting hit hard enough and there’s no need to over train.

Keep in mind that each muscle has an “opposite” muscle. The lower back is the opposite of the abs. If you do too many spinal flexion and abdominals exercises, your lower back muscles will be weaker in comparison and elongate that may cause to weight loss. You can develop a hunchback and tight shoulders. This is very common in low-level fighters and leads to many injuries. It takes a very long time to fix as well. Be proactive in your training and make sure your spinal erectors are keeping pace with your sexy new abs.

Doing excessive rate of exercises can actually do more harm than good, and it rarely does more good than harm. Pick less solid exercises and really nail them down. Master everything step-by-step and over time your stomach exercises will produce solid results.