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Which Workout Exercises Are for You?

What is Workout Exercise?

Workout Exercise burns fat, tones muscles and increases the heart rate.  Pro trainers, fitness gurus and facilities like gyms and fitness clubs have made money on creating, developing and supervising fitness workout.  Hosts of books, packaged programs, DVD demonstrations, TV shows and fancy machines declare to the public that theirs is the perfect workout.  Authors, fitness experts and TV exercise trainers would have you believe they have created the ideal fitness workouts.

Workout ExerciseThe truth is that there is no perfect fitness workout for everyone.  However, some exercises are more effective than others.  There is no “one size fits all” in the world of fitness workouts.  Therefore, we will provide you with some very valuable tips in this article.

Why Do We Need Fitness Exercises?


Before life became as technical as it is today, jobs were physical.  People got their exercise doing their jobs and had to stay fit with strong backs to do them.  Since today’s jobs are so much less dependent on physical strength and much more sedentary, workout exercises have become an important part of leisure time.  Fitness is required to tone muscles, increase flexibility, improve agility, build stamina and provide cardiovascular health.  The degree to which they develop muscle strength, endurance and cardio wellness determines the success of the workouts.

When done correctly, your workout exercises will burn fat, tone muscles and increase energy.  Combined with good nutrition and calorie counting, your workouts may result in weight loss.

If you plan your own workout programs, don’t assume that one exercise will do it all.  Isolated exercises like lunges, crunches, push-ups or sit-ups may not produce results you will be aiming for.  Focusing on a single muscle group will not be an effective approach to a successful end-result; you will need to be training multi-muscle groups.

Additionally, certain exercise equipment will help to target muscle groups. For example the crosstrainer treadmill will limit a range of motion and work just a set of muscles. So keep in mind that it will require different exercise equipment to workout different muscle groups.


Not only do you need variety in the types of exercises in your workout routine, but you also need to change your routine regularly.  This is because your body becomes accustomed to workout exercises.  You need to keep changing routines regularly to burn calories and tone muscles.  However, you might include cross trainer workouts, because they simulate several natural human motions.

Another misconception is that increasing the duration of your workout will improve the results.  Quality is more important than quantity in workout exercises.  Increase intensity, instead of duration for better results.

Good Fitness Exercises

There is no ideal workout regimen for everyone.  You must consider your age, fitness, health and personal preference in planning your workout.  Changing the routine regularly is important to fat burning and muscle toning.

Your routine might include:

  • Barbell bench press exercise.
  • Ballistic kettlebell exercise.
  • Ab roller exercise.
  • Body workouts.
  • Cardio workouts.
  • Flexibility workouts.
  • Curl exercise.
  • Stability.
  • Medicine ball.
  • Exercise ball.
  • Equipment workout.
  • Cross trainer treadmill.
  • Hanging pike exercise.
  • Reverse crunch exercise
  • Kettlebell workout.
  • Kettlebell exercises.
  • Kettlebell workouts.

Throughout our site, you will find training tips and videos showing you how to bench press and use bar bells.

You can hire a professional trainer, read, watch DVDs and create your own routines at home, but remember that there are no perfect programs.  They vary from person to person and from occasion to occasion.  Variety is paramount, so no one routine will suffice.  Remember as well that there is no quick way to fitness.  It takes time and work.  There are many good resources on effective workouts.  Find exercises that work for you.

Commercial Training Programs

Companies like LSI offer varied fitness instruction at different levels of fitness combined with areas of sports.  Their strength lies in use of different equipment and workout exercises that increase muscle use, always focus on the different parts of the body and speed up the body’s calorie burning.  For instance, a football player might combine cardio exercises with working his abs, his biceps and triceps on free weights like dumbbell press exercises and dumbbell curl exercises.  He would also train on arm and leg exercises.

When you are ready to begin your workout exercise regimen, remember that variety is the key to bringing your weight down and staying physically fit.